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Brian Riseley Club coach has 25 years' experience coaching children and adults. He has coached in over a dozen schools; offering extracurricular activities as well as running fencing lessons at summer fates and the London youth games. He has worked with Merton and Guildford Councils to offer fencing classes as part of their social sporting events. In addition, Brian offers private 1-2-1 coaching for competitive development, which has resulted in several of his children becoming national champions and finalists; alongside coaching for private social events such as birthday parties and stag parties.

Brian is also Senior Coach at Wimbledon Fencing Club, offering group training for beginners where classes focus on fitness, stance, hand & foot work, basic attack & defence, and safety. Brian has also coached his son, David Riseley, who is a top GB fencer and former member of the GB Olympic team. He has also coached a number of others children to gain top national titles and rankings in the British National and England Championships.

Brian also successfully coached his son, David Riseley to become the UK top British fencer. David's accomplishments include Commonwealth Bronze medalist, European Bronze medalist, world championship finalist, 10 times national champion, and a member of the GB Olympic team.

X-Swords Prep Fencing Club - At King's Swords Fencing Club

Brian's X-Swords Prep Fencing Club offers fencing coaching classes for children aged 6 to 8 years old, and an Elite Fencing Club which provides competitive skills coaching to top grade young fencers (by invitation only). All sessions take place on a Saturday morning during term time at King's Swords Fencing Club.

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