X-Swords Prep Fencing Club

Brian has started a Prep Fencing Club for children aged 6 to 8 years old, where children have the opportunity to partake in fencing lessons with plastic masks and swords that are very light, very strong and very safe.

The aim is to introduce the sport of fencing to young children and teach them the basics of a tactical energetic sport, focusing on mind & body development. This is achieved through a variety of fun activities with a strong emphasis on building their physical strength as well as their tactical awareness and capabilities; which are all transferrable skills that can that add value to their academic development.

All sessions will include working alongside their coach and other class members to build a strong team working environment whilst focusing on their self-confidence and reliance. Personal targets will also provide a goalpost for the children to work towards, building their commitment and dedication.

X-Swords Elite Fencing Club

An Elite Fencing Club also provides competitive skills coaching to top grade young fencers (by invitation only). Personal one-to-one coaching is also available at homes and clubs.

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