Fencing Courses

Brian Riseley Fencing Coach can customise fencing courses according to class size, age group, skill level and available training times.

Brian also runs pre-season training camps for a day or week timed before the main clubs start their term. This is to prepare those wishing to compete in the new season's competitions with extra coaching.

Fencing Course Objectives

Brian's fencing lessons begin with the following areas :

Over the period of a fencing course, Brian helps students to develop key aspects of fencing such as:

Brian can structure fencing courses so that students can work towards a graded BFA (British Fencing Association) Certificate. Progress will depend on age, skill, amount of allotted training time and class size, but students should typically achieve a Grade One BFA Certificate over 1 or 2 terms.

Typical Fencing Lesson Plan

Lessons will vary from group to group but a typical one hour session may be structured as follows:

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