Fencing Syllabus Topics

A complete fencing course offers :

General Rules and Etiquette of Fencing

  1. principles of each weapon and parts
  2. target areas
  3. about match president
  4. timings of match
  5. piste and boundaries


  1. stance and why position
  2. how to step, balance, forward, backward
  3. cross step
  4. lunge
  5. appel
  6. balestra
  7. flèche
  8. timing
  9. cadence / speeds

Hand / Blade Work

  1. grip
  2. guard positions
  3. finger use : pro and supernate target and hit
  4. parries : prime and opposition
  5. beats, change, counter
  6. engagements and changed high low line
  7. types of attacks
  8. prise-de-fer with coulé, froissement, bind, croisé

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